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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 26 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Adult near Barking Stadium ARENA
Adversary ENEMY
Aggressive pitch hard sell
Airborne troop PARA
Amount SUM
Amount married American sent over SUM
Ancient storyteller AESOP
Animal look catching English students GAZELLE
Atrocious act OUTRAGE
Biter’s viper sliding around before noon VAMPIRE
Bore with instructions for mechanic? oil well
Called head of electrical chain RANGE
Cash against wage put forward ADVANCE
Catholic dignitary CARDINAL
Convincing victory LANDSLIDE
Copy between lines, collaring part LAPEL
Corruptly shared pounds in ruthless dealing hard sell
Cry from female supporter, very old BRAVO
Cry of approval BRAVO
Dracula, e.g VAMPIRE
Egyptian cobra ASP
Fat of the land they say GREASE
Gambling premises CASINO
Good order NEATNESS
Grouse and carp BEEF
Heart-rending POIGNANT
House of Cards? CASINO
Jacket flap LAPEL
Japanese fighter in love ZERO
King into poor canape wants crêpe PANCAKE
Left in party to secure first big majority LANDSLIDE
Make mistake with mission ERRAND
Matching deal AGREEMENT
Nothing ZERO
Notice in last places one sticks up today ESPY
Observe ESPY
Old Tuareg involved in scandal OUTRAGE
Opponent in Yemen beaten ENEMY
Paignton demolished, arousing sympathy POIGNANT
Red meat BEEF
Short assignment ERRAND
Shrove Tuesday fare PANCAKE
Singer’s asset RANGE
Small antelope GAZELLE
Snake among Cleopatra’s possessions ASP
Soldier dropped in from Valparaiso PARA
Source of black gold oil well
Specimen SAMPLE
Sphere of activity ARENA
Survey quantity both small and large? SAMPLE
Thick lubricant GREASE
Vehicle with lad in bashed churchman CARDINAL
Well-ordered condition of pure in spirit? NEATNESS
Writer having answer to sit back AESOP