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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
An Ireland revitalised — that’s rousing stuff ADRENALIN
Blasting compound DYNAMITE
Board not up for school food? PLANKTON
Brick barrier WALL
Chap with energy finds fruit MANGO
Cheap digs found in county one time BEDSIT
Clothing consumer? MOTH
Cotton fabric DENIM
Daughter at home makes noise DIN
Drink left on ship PORT
Ex marine thrashed inspector EXAMINER
Explosive mix of Deity and Man DYNAMITE
Female domestic HANDMAID
Good to beat up bloodsucker GNAT
Interrogator EXAMINER
Large snake SERPENT
Last of best butter in vehicle TRAM
Material dug from ground put back DENIM
Member of a 60s youth subculture MOD
Midge GNAT
Monk backed one disliking rockers MOD
Neurotic dog did this to sheep? WORRIED
Clues Answers
Nocturnal insect MOTH
Not confined at large
Object that separates light into a spectrum PRISM
One-room home BEDSIT
Postprandial drink PORT
Racket DIN
Real shake-up in unit with cheat AUTHENTIC
Rental agreement LEASE
Roaming free in gale, rat perished at large
Root vegetable RADISH
Salad ingredient princess spots outside RADISH
Seat in Devonshire Arms REAR
Servant hid bags with mum HANDMAID
Slight wound is no handicap SCRATCH
Small cut or graze SCRATCH
Small sea organisms PLANKTON
Solid figure in pair is married PRISM
Some banks go to this Manhattan street WALL
Some wrangle as expecting contract LEASE
Stern REAR
Stimulating hormone ADRENALIN
Streetcar TRAM
Tempter present unfortunately SERPENT
Top fashion designer? MILLINER
US camera in to be repaired AMERICAN
Yellow-fleshed fruit MANGO