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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Advance slowly INCH
Carlyle intermittently getting Yankee band together ALLY
Charlie with bone china defect? CHIP
Chinese dish chop suey
Churchman found taking whiskey from worker at seam ELDER
Club or school garment BLAZER
Coarse gravel SHINGLE
Come out of the blue? cheer up
Consequence RESULT
Coypu she prepared as meal chop suey
Crucial match DECIDER
Distance across a circle DIAMETER
Easily sufficient AMPLE
European nation POLAND
Famous person (abbr.) CELEB
Former anaesthetic ETHER
Fortune-teller of Japanese era SEER
Fraud article for personal cover CODPIECE
Fried potato baton CHIP
Friendly country ALLY
Gladden cheer up
Hard old boy in photo unreasonably scared PHOBIC
Humped creature CAMEL
In total area length and line related all told
Including everything all told
Interrupt DISTURB
Irrationally afraid PHOBIC
Is it smoking jacket that becomes one? BLAZER
Italian river joins lake with country POLAND
Latin-American dance SALSA
Maxim putting lead around dog PROVERB
Number three fouled ETHER
One held up in bad weather? UMBRELLA
One losing weight hides a metre thickness DIAMETER
One with leading role in cinema? USHER
Party I’d arranged for excursion day trip
Police stopping game — important one? DECIDER
Pouch on breeches CODPIECE
Protection from rain UMBRELLA
Purplish red MAGENTA
Sauce alas knocked over contains salt SALSA
Scrounger in shelter by church LEECH
Shade potentially meant to include silver MAGENTA
Ship in desert arrived and left CAMEL
Short outing day trip
Sid turning right in Bath finds trouble DISTURB
Small portion, no starter, is plenty AMPLE
Sponger (informal) LEECH
Stormy English beach? SHINGLE
The French in church with British star CELEB
Theatre guide USHER
Tribal leader ELDER
Ulster playing for draw? RESULT
Visionary SEER
Winger losing front part of foot INCH
Wise saying PROVERB