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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 28 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Actor Bloom gets part in As You Like It ORLANDO
Admiration REGARD
Bishop’s district DIOCESE
Box from Raynes Park SPAR
Christen first of babies, and sip tea at leisure BAPTISE
City in Florida ORLANDO
City on Ruhr ESSEN
Conceive of ENVISAGE
Consider resit at first given poor grade REGARD
Consumer USER
Cordial friend in France wired message AMICABLE
Drunk on less than two pints LITRE
Employer contributes to serious error USER
Escape clause LOOPHOLE
Euell, gutted, quits team ELEVEN
Fluid measure LITRE
Game over with breach and legal oversight LOOPHOLE
German city needs some brickies sent ESSEN
I pace, exasperated IRATE
Jamaican believer RASTA
Letter to Greek duke reshaped tale DELTA
Loathe or detest ABHOR
Managed with old penny and other money RAND
Mixed pairs do a race round the world DIASPORA
Money on account last from hubby LEGACY
Name a child in church BAPTISE
New coat: yes, it’s warmer tea cosy
Newspaper supremo EDITOR
Not present ABSENT
One churchman or another entertaining company DEACON
Ordained cleric DEACON
Picture making one wise after endless sin ENVISAGE
Plane operator AIRLINE
Pot cover tea cosy
Recoil from content of kebab, horrified ABHOR
River mouth DELTA
Seaman teasing nets out ABSENT
See one enigma resolved IMAGINE
See! I see cod battered! DIOCESE
South African currency RAND
Sports side ELEVEN
Spread of a people DIASPORA
Tiny amount IOTA
Trace from Eliot analysed IOTA
Trade punches SPAR
Transport service puts Irish in a queue AIRLINE
Visualise IMAGINE
Willed gift LEGACY
Worshipper in orchestra stalls RASTA
Would one have journos re-do it potentially? EDITOR