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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic position in Windsor? CHAIR
Agreeable NICE
Alex Higgins raunchier perhaps? HURRICANE
American symbol EAGLE
As soon as ONCE
Baltic native ESTONIAN
Black leopard PANTHER
Bloomer where gun-aimer shot GERANIUM
Check others taking exercise inside RESTRAINT
Clean and free from measles? SPOTLESS
Clever or smart NEAT
Conscious conflict in A&E AWARE
Courage derived from drink? SPIRIT
Court punishment SENTENCE
Curl of hair RINGLET
Curve ARC
Feisty Eve rang one settling score AVENGER
Feline in Japan the rarest PANTHER
Foreign article contains porky ALIEN
Garden plant GERANIUM
Girl, ten, creates curl RINGLET
Hair dye RINSE
Immaculate SPOTLESS
Informed AWARE
Line used in smear campaign ARC
Lower limb LEG
Clues Answers
Make good REPAIR
Member on stage LEG
Moderation RESTRAINT
One saint might be from Tallinn ESTONIAN
Otherworldly ALIEN
PA in twirl right about protective garment APRON
Pattern set in mechanical routine ROSETTE
Pleasant French city NICE
Previously seen in detention centre ONCE
Professorship CHAIR
Quiet place RETREAT
Restless, went out without cape EXCITED
Restore returning royal couple REPAIR
Royal Engineers handle move back RETREAT
Scoundrel RASCAL
Small platform PODIUM
Stage front APRON
Stage in river’s one in rising mud PODIUM
Steed, Purdey or Gambit AVENGER
Supernatural being SPIRIT
Supporter’s ribbon ROSETTE
Time that may be passed? SENTENCE
To dine after noon is convenient NEAT
Two shots left to get this bird? EAGLE
Villain in clear as calculated RASCAL
Violent storm HURRICANE
Wash out resin RINSE
Wow! Daughter makes connection! CORD