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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 3 2018

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Clues Answers
(The) rest OTHERS
Accustom (to) INURE
Appraises SURVEYS
Bad-tempered or nice? Let out against the odds SPLENETIC
Basket willow OSIER
Basket-maker taking top off to be more comfy OSIER
Beam of light down the mine-passage SHAFT
Beast of burden is one here, St Francis another ASSISI
Becomes visible APPEARS
Begin to deal with challenge in sport TACKLE
Birthplace of St Francis ASSISI
Calf bone FIBULA
Challenge TACKLE
Conclude INFER
Conclusion OUTCOME
Dad and I entering park abroad for a red pepper PAPRIKA
European principality MONACO
Everyone to cut out plant MALLOW
Famous Lisa found company in a state MONACO
Father and Ms Fitzgerald produce a Spanish seafood dish PAELLA
Feel very hot SWELTER
Fleshy fruit APRICOT
Frolics with pickled flower buds CAPERS
Fruit in short month put to bed APRICOT
Habitual character in Newmarket Hospital ETHOS
Hedgehog spine PRICKLE
Clues Answers
Hollyhock relative MALLOW
In the area LOCAL
Lie initially under lower arm or leg bone FIBULA
Little quarrel about river fish SPRAT
Look, yell endlessly for pub! LOCAL
Moral overview ETHOS
Part of Glastonbury or part of Birmingham ASTON
Plagiarist ultimately copies cassettes TAPES
Red spice PAPRIKA
Refinement NICETY
Rest of parents lacking leadership OTHERS
Result not in, has to arrive OUTCOME
Ribbons TAPES
Rice dish PAELLA
Ring in so quietly for shellfish SCALLOP
Seems likely answer – soft pieces of fruit APPEARS
Small fish SPRAT
Son very mistakenly interrupted American inspections SURVEYS
Space traveller ASTRONAUT
Spindle SHAFT
Subtle point of NE city development NICETY
Suggest spreading fire round the North INFER
Thorn found right in the vegetable preserve PRICKLE
Toughen guarantee, when lost point INURE
Traveller off to Saturn, first away ASTRONAUT
University in Birmingham ASTON
Wanderers finding damson in distress? NOMADS
Wrestle madly, and feel the heat SWELTER