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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 30 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
A Dryad or Pleiad, e.g NYMPH
Accumulate AMASS
Acrimonious RANCOROUS
Actor Brian is very fortunate BLESSED
Annual account about chap in Los Angeles ALMANAC
Better people news chief brings in EMEND
Brainless life-form a second President recalled? AMOEBA
Burst ball seen after Slav fouled SALVO
Cat (informal) MOG
Christopher __-, Superman actor REEVE
Clever opener from Halifax Town NEATH
Consecrated BLESSED
Correct EMEND
Dicky loved PE for what it allowed him to do? DEVELOP
East African land ERITREA
Feline in Limoges MOG
Foreign article contains untruth ALIEN
Form of rummy CANASTA
Further progress ADVANCE
Gun salute SALVO
Hold fast ADHERE
Hostage-taker in cover on hill CAPTOR
Immature frog TADPOLE
Inexperienced eco-politician GREEN
Items of business AGENDA
Liza Minnelli movie CABARET
MacGregor’s sense of self EGO
Mate in panic: moon exploding COMPANION
Mature and complex plan AGENDA
Maybe a summer snake? ADDER
Noblewoman DUCHESS
Old magistrate in care eventually REEVE
One confining another CAPTOR
Otherworldly ALIEN
Personal pride EGO
Proverb close to these animals EPIGRAM
Relative close to René in French city NIECE
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Single-celled animal AMOEBA
Some Mexican a star in game CANASTA
South Wales location NEATH
Stick heard shattering __ ultimately brittle ADHERE
Store in Alabama’s shut AMASS
Take shape DEVELOP
Technology about to appear in time for nation ERITREA
Title of the French game DUCHESS
Tom takes in nude show CABARET
Verdant GREEN
Was CEO horribly sour and spiteful? RANCOROUS
What might ultimately do leap after development? TADPOLE
Witticism EPIGRAM
Woodland deity and young dragonfly NYMPH
Yearbook ALMANAC