The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
Airedale, eg TERRIER
Bambi, eg DEER
Be way out round south EXIST
Carry out EXECUTE
Chum PAL
Clothing range with buckles NIGHTWEAR
Concert receipts GATE
Continent oddly not one seen in map collection! ATLANTIS
Crackers are able to expand ELABORATE
Dark purplish colour CLARET
Death from back-breaking exercise? REAPER
Device to acquire after good commercial GADGET
Disorderly retreat ROUT
Fabled sunken land ATLANTIS
Harvester REAPER
Have being EXIST
Highly detailed ELABORATE
Hobby for which I’m covered in glue! PASTIME
I’m dividing assets — that’s rough guess ESTIMATE
King removed in complete defeat ROUT
Klee as eligible keeps artistic support EASEL
Land in water lies awkwardly ISLE
Leisure pursuit PASTIME
Mediterranean island CRETE
Clues Answers
Meet Bond — perished and buried ENTOMBED
Mollycoddle PAMPER
Native American Indian APACHE
Painter’s tripod EASEL
Paintings etc ART
Placed in underground vault ENTOMBED
Pop Edwin mixed to reduce noise PIPEDOWN
Preamp damaged? Treat nicely! PAMPER
Prisoner leaving solid Greek location CRETE
Property valuation ESTIMATE
Pyjamas etc NIGHTWEAR
Reportedly beloved animals DEER
Row about stray dog TERRIER
Secretary beginning to loathe mate PAL
Sheppey, eg ISLE
Ship’s bunk initially accommodates woman BERTHA
Some standing at ease for opening GATE
Stop talking PIPEDOWN
Street ruffian leaves old man in pain APACHE
Supervised staff matured MANAGED
Top decision-maker sacks four! EXECUTE
West Side Story heroine MARIA
Wine left in crate that’s smashed CLARET
Woman gets excellent sheep back MARIA
Woman’s name BERTHA
Works in molecular theory ART

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