The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
A top up AHEAD
Al leaves one country for another AUSTRIA
Apply bandage DRESS
Artist tours Arab Republic ROMANIA
Balkan country ROMANIA
Bar staff ROD
Beef, eg REDMEAT
Breaded seafood SCAMPI
Bullfighter MATADOR
Capital city’s endless church district PARIS
City on the Seine PARIS
Composer B. Marsh slammed BRAHMS
Discourage some made terrified DETER
Distressed — in pieces presumably! CUTUP
Doctor Bloom at raffle event TOMBOLA
Domestic worker SERVANT
Eg Ms Windsor BARBARA
European nation AUSTRIA
Fishing pole ROD
Fit out EQUIP
Fragrance AROMA
Fruit pie pen-pal ruined PINEAPPLE
Girl from two pubs heading for another BARBARA
Girl takes vehicle to LA CARLA
Greedy eater GLUTTON
Group of species GENUS
He certainly aims for the bull! MATADOR
Lackey in taverns wasted SERVANT
Clues Answers
Last from Monkhouse joke stock EQUIP
Legged it RAN
Little Stuart and Diane love workroom STUDIO
Lone Ranger’s companion keeps gold in city TORONTO
Lover of food and punishment? GLUTTON
Lullaby composer BRAHMS
Making eg contract bid TENDERING
Mystery in game that’s fixed ENIGMA
Odour rising from Sam or Alison AROMA
One captured by RN fled RAN
Ontario’s capital TORONTO
Out in front AHEAD
Prawns swindle — one pockets penny SCAMPI
Put off DETER
Putting in bid to handle English band TENDERING
Revolving drum raffle TOMBOLA
Shift ends in discord for the docks workers DRESS
Small flat STUDIO
Soviet team cooked protein-rich food REDMEAT
Sun for example upped class GENUS
Thespian ACTOR
To whom work is play? ACTOR
Tramp putting FT inside towel? DRIFTER
Tropical fruit PINEAPPLE
Very upset CUTUP
Woman’s name CARLA

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