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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 5 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Assist illegally ABET
Bolt’s bolt? SPRINT
Can’t do without Tyneside newsmen? NEEDS
Clammy Daniel meets Kelvin DANK
Comprehensive GENERAL
Creation GENESIS
Creature with two feet BIPED
Cricket delivery BALL
Dressed Green Man in overall GENERAL
European royal house BOURBON
Example scene revitalised with imp SPECIMEN
Exotic plant ORCHID
False teeth DENTURE
Female name ELENA
Fence preservative CREOSOTE
First appearance DEBUT
Flower rook dropped into red wine TRENT
Found wanting in Barnet? BALD
Girl held back by Indian elephant ELENA
Great Egyptian PHARAOH
Great fear DREAD
Hairless BALD
Harry and Meghan finally splitting cost? PRINCE
Human say makes offer outside gym BIPED
Liberate RELEASE
Lord, round and fat, someone dim DULLARD
Medical sample SPECIMEN
Mere lad might be this green? EMERALD
Muscovites, e.g RUSSIANS
Nottinghamshire river TRENT
On tenancy agreement that’s free RELEASE
Paying guest LODGER
Precious stone EMERALD
Putin’s people maltreated as in USSR RUSSIANS
Relating to trees ARBOREAL
Relative beginning to explore in French city NIECE
Requirements NEEDS
Roman Catholic in love concealed plant ORCHID
Romeo in perfect terror DREAD
Royal personage PRINCE
Ruler’s beautiful love announced PHARAOH
See sign changed for rock band GENESIS
Set out at night? DENTURE
Shield of wood old so kept in Greek island CREOSOTE
Short race SPRINT
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Some co-operation needed in Magic Flute? OPERA
Some Elizabethans help criminal ABET
Sung drama OPERA
Tenant right beneath Masonic hall LODGER
Tree-dwelling wild boar? True! ARBOREAL
Unpleasantly moist DANK
Upper-class in arrears for a start DEBUT
Whiskey and biscuits? BOURBON
Witless person DULLARD
World Cup-winner Alan’s dance BALL