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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Again called on I served it shaken REVISITED
Bonkers NUTS
Boxer dog PUG
Brad wore pants in theatre department WARDROBE
Business leader MAGNATE
Cake can initially gratify bird BUNTING
Caribbean location TOBAGO
Cheat ex-Police man STING
Clothes cupboard WARDROBE
Considered once more REVISITED
Crackers — or what you need them for? NUTS
Dance a bit more elegantly REEL
Decorative flags BUNTING
Dishonest scheme SCAM
Empty container inside another VACANT
Empty net CLEAR
Expert in Rolls-Royce or F1 man? RACER
Fast driver RACER
Game that’s bound to stop? HOPSCOTCH
Humour WIT
Humour from Switzerland WIT
Importance WEIGHT
Island also contains trap TOBAGO
Long cushion gives help BOLSTER
Long pillow BOLSTER
Makes hole in trousers we hear BREACHES
Clues Answers
Military unit PATROL
Out for the night? ASLEEP
Plato upset about king’s watch PATROL
Player is wearing defective boot OBOIST
Playground game HOPSCOTCH
Reversible raincoats and fleece SCAM
Right to assist surprise visit RAID
Rotter rough with Bill in luxury motor CADILLAC
Security lapses BREACHES
Sharp pain STING
Slumbering ASLEEP
Snub-nosed canine PUG
Solo in Parsifal on euphonium ALONE
Spiky character perhaps flat out on road? HEDGEHOG
Spiny creature HEDGEHOG
Start to slip before fall? STUMBLE
Sudden attack RAID
Tycoon has tea with G-man arranged MAGNATE
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unambiguous CLEAR
Unoccupied VACANT
US car brand CADILLAC
Western crew makes impact WEIGHT
Whirl about REEL
Woodwind player OBOIST