The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
Addict taken in because relapsed USER
Attractive blonde in huge shock BOMBSHELL
Barbarian GOTH
Bitter about no good viewpoint ANGLE
Broken tie with adult brings freedom LATITUDE
Check on accounts AUDIT
Coffee seed BEAN
Consumer USER
Crusty loaf BLOOMER
Damn lie distressed girl MELINDA
Directors feed nothing to poet BOARD
Exotic dances rise higher ASCEND
Faint-hearted TIMID
Fish with rod and line ANGLE
Gain altitude ASCEND
Head of Economics in bar BEAN
Inactive DORMANT
Inspect German car and Ford model AUDIT
Lab gear prepared for school lesson ALGEBRA
Large passenger plane AIRBUS
Live on the edge RESIDE
Lost again terribly in homesickness NOSTALGIA
Mention for top dog PEKE
Messy drinker? George Best was great one! DRIBBLER
Mistake that’s made by baker BLOOMER
Monster ran out — I’m shaking! MINOTAUR
Most expensive honey DEAREST
Clues Answers
Most precious DEAREST
Mythical man-bull MINOTAUR
Obtained head start on gloomy music fan GOTH
On time to help forgetful actor PROMPT
One running at mouth DRIBBLER
Overwhelming surprise BOMBSHELL
Plunder ROB
Punctual PROMPT
Satellite ORBITER
Sentimental longing NOSTALGIA
She’s back from July rebellion BERYL
Shy man with ID TIMID
Silent approval NOD
Sleeping party worker takes room inside DORMANT
Small canine PEKE
Some dread Derbyshire snake ADDER
Something going round — or vampire! ORBITER
Spanish queen ISABELLA
Steal from manager obviously ROB
Sub rising to ventilate sees plane AIRBUS
Symbolic mathematics ALGEBRA
Upstanding lecturer gives assent NOD
Venomous snake ADDER
Woman liable as mistaken ISABELLA
Woman’s name MELINDA
Woman’s name BERYL
Wooden sheet BOARD

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