The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
70s nightclub DISCO
Asleep so mates guarding Derby town EPSOM
Auditorium THEATRE
Beer that’s mine around noon PINT
Blatant OVERT
Book is great departure EXODUS
CD area wrecked in passageway ARCADE
Cheese where tiny kipper is eaten by girl RICOTTA
Chuck cover over furniture THROW
Colonist one getting comfortable? SETTLER
Commence BEGIN
Covered walk ARCADE
Crazy bosses dominate OBSESS
Crime of stolen goods receiver OFFENCE
Daily appearance of The Star? SUNRISE
Dance occurring among aged is conga DISCO
Diplomatic official ATTACHE
Divine messenger seen in Michelangelo ANGEL
Driving power of Corbynites! MOMENTUM
Embassy worker in pain after a race ATTACHE
Enormous female worked in States TITANESS
Fluid measure PINT
Flyer from RAF — but it crashed! fruit bat
Flying fox fruit bat
Frivolous duke towards the rear DAFT
Giant goddess TITANESS
Clues Answers
Great victory TRIUMPH
Heard animal in stable is croaky HOARSE
Heavenly being ANGEL
Homesteader SETTLER
Lasagne ingredient RICOTTA
London art resource TATE
Map detail INSET
Migration EXODUS
Obvious poverty traps OVERT
Preoccupy OBSESS
President embracing one hard hit TRIUMPH
Rate revised within the playhouse THEATRE
Reject rule that changes acid beat ABDICATE
Renounce throne ABDICATE
She has one earl in fits ELEANOR
Short distance in waste pipe STEP
Silly DAFT
Small diagram in collection INSET
Some art at expensive gallery TATE
Start to exist on booze BEGIN
Surrey racecourse EPSOM
Transgression OFFENCE
Whiskey to assist youngster WHELP
Woman’s name ELEANOR

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