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The Sun – Two Speed – April 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A suspect’s possible defence ALIBI
Arctic or Antarctic POLAR
Black birds in dishes BOWLS
British lawn game BOWLS
Bunch or clump CLUSTER
Canine perhaps seen in Toto otherwise TOOTH
Competitor RACER
Conveyance TRANSIT
Dave’s outside in coach for car deal trade-in
Delicious draught breaks trance NECTAR
Disagree with study by Yankee DENY
Divine drink NECTAR
F1 driver superb in Rolls-Royce? RACER
Flock to see Charlie Sheen in US? CLUSTER
Forceful police seizing loads given up DYNAMIC
Greedy person (informal) GANNET
Hopeless or futile no-win
Immediately popular like Catch-22? no-win
Knife fixed to a rifle BAYONET
Liberal in first-rate legal excuse ALIBI
Move Ben round male place in crypt ENTOMB
Official emblem INSIGNIA
Old boy and two blokes rock OBSIDIAN
On top of the world? POLAR
One with Goth might be busy on the go
One young woman not quite right AMISS
Part-exchange trade-in
Plague or torment HARRY
Pool man in trouble invites ridicule LAMPOON
Prince finds badger HARRY
Put in a grave ENTOMB
Repudiate DENY
Restaurant rent, low, raised TEAROOM
Ridged part of a gear TOOTH
Satirical work LAMPOON
Seabird or pig? GANNET
Small café TEAROOM
Small insect beginning to tire MIDGET
Smell from river no good PONG
Spike’s neat boy roughed up BAYONET
Status symbols? INSIGNIA
Swine finds love in pub BOAR
Tristan’s moving passage? TRANSIT
Undersized MIDGET
Very active (informal) on the go
Vigorous DYNAMIC
Vile odour (informal) PONG
Villain furiously reviled, pinching ring EVILDOER
Violent criminal THUG
Volcanic glass OBSIDIAN
Wicked person EVILDOER
Wild pig BOAR
Wrong or awry AMISS
Yob to embrace losing love THUG
Young servant on a ship cabin boy
Youth serving cooked bacon by about one cabin boy