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The Sun – Two Speed – April 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Aswan deteriorates? Here’s compensation! DAMAGES
Bamboozle DUPE
Ban or block DEBAR
Bidets ordered for small home BEDSIT
Conservative in place in splinter group SECT
Contaminated UNCLEAN
Dagger forged with serrated edge? RAGGED
Editor wild about style of government FEDERAL
Entirely Yankee band together ALLY
Exclude tangled beard DEBAR
Family valuable HEIRLOOM
Fibber LIAR
Flower in nature god’s yard PANSY
Fragrance ODOUR
Friend or friendly country ALLY
Frodo urgently conceals scent ODOUR
Garden lattice TRELLIS
Horrible fate with rook chasing AFTER
Horse-drawn vehicle CARRIAGE
Infection grown uncontrollably splits lip RINGWORM
Instruction period LESSON
Leprous relative Jane edges away! UNCLEAN
Limo hero fixed up is valued possession HEIRLOOM
Loving a party, make call ADORING
Mad Hatter’s cultural world the arts
Move hurriedly SCURRY
Non-science subjects the arts
Not doing as much in class LESSON
One-room residence BEDSIT
Redbreast at large in Sherwood Forest? ROBIN
Religious faction SECT
Rush small and spicy meal SCURRY
Sailors in bar take this off to drink SCREWTOP
Second drink – wine? SUPPORT
Skin disease RINGWORM
Small songbird ROBIN
Some amalgam on gables between AMONG
Species of violet PANSY
Stomach exercise sit up
Storyteller in regalia recounting LIAR
Subsequently AFTER
Surrounded by AMONG
Swallowing it, drink and don’t slouch! sit up
Tattered RAGGED
Tell sir to change framework TRELLIS
Theatrical work DRAMA
Tree-covered areas FORESTS
Trick somewhat mixed-up engineer DUPE
Type of bottle lid SCREWTOP
Unusual air and grace in deportment CARRIAGE
Uphold or corroborate SUPPORT
Whisky taken before a play DRAMA
Woods, in Foreign Office, takes break FORESTS