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The Sun – Two Speed – April 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Arm joint ELBOW
Attacking player in match? STRIKER
Bear chewed up toe later TOLERATE
Boil gently SIMMER
Bow-legged British man BANDY
Breather taken at home healthier INHALER
Built with mud, it’s a sports arena STADIUM
Business associate PARTNER
Colleague in mean lease back arrangement PARTNER
Cook in no hurry as dieter losing pound SIMMER
Decisive moment CRISIS
Design from Dicky Gayle about right ARGYLE
Draw out or lengthen ELONGATE
Endure or abide TOLERATE
Eureka! British sea captain! AHAB
Excellent SUPERB
Female deity GODDESS
Football ground STADIUM
Go back over RETRACE
Goblin or fairy SPRITE
Goddess seen after credit crunch CRISIS
Good to be in control and rule REIGN
Govern REIGN
Hands together at this time? NOON
High school musical in country broadcast GREASE
Insect or speckled hen? LADYBIRD
Jostle for space in crush below ELBOW
Knitted diamond pattern ARGYLE
Latin-American dance SALSA
Mail tampered with in South American city LIMA
Man in gallery finds beautiful woman GODDESS
Midday NOON
Nebulizer INHALER
Northern town calls shots we hear LEEDS
One cat Enid groomed for show INDICATE
One taking industrial action STRIKER
Pequod skipper AHAB
Peruvian capital LIMA
Pixie king falls into resentment SPRITE
Point out INDICATE
Reconstruct demolished terrace RETRACE
Sauce sadly knocked over contains salt SALSA
Show a Kenyan funeral party inside WAKE
Slipstream WAKE
Speckled quarry of anglers TROUT
Splendid monarch in riotous pubs SUPERB
Spotted beetle LADYBIRD
Stretch out alone — get loosened up ELONGATE
Thick lubricant GREASE
Toss around BANDY
Tutor cooked fish TROUT
Yorkshire city LEEDS