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The Sun – Two Speed – April 24 2019

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Clues Answers
Antigone misrepresented in contradiction NEGATION
Appoint gent playing with ideas DESIGNATE
Appropriate APT
Arrest unmarried men, horrible ENGROSS
Assign or appoint DESIGNATE
Beat Republican restrained outside TIRED
Brain stem unusual in ethnic person TRIBESMAN
Brown cane sugar DEMERARA
Cancellation NEGATION
Carved figure STATUE
Cessation ENDING
Charlie in English plane to bail out EJECT
Clan member TRIBESMAN
Close female relative SISTER
Close friend in Grenadier Guards ENDING
Ducks doctor catches way out DOOR
Duke meets priest in food store DELI
Elizabethan explorer finds duck DRAKE
Essential to have triangle positioned INTEGRAL
European kicking out son as schoolboy ETONIAN
Exhausted TIRED
Exotic foods outlet DELI
Expert (informal) ACE
Fascinate ENGROSS
Fox enjoyed trapping farm animals OXEN
German in black mass finds seat BOTTOM
Germinate SPROUT
Giants OGRES
Going rate for high fliers? AIRSPEED
Incursion or foray RAID
Items of business AGENDA
Jet velocity AIRSPEED
Lowest point BOTTOM
Male waterfowl DRAKE
Mature and moving schedule AGENDA
Missile system I’d found in river TRIDENT
Monsters in bog resurfaced OGRES
Nurse in NHS is terrible SISTER
One fighter pilot ACE
Portal DOOR
Poseidon’s spear TRIDENT
Public school pupil ETONIAN
Relevant part in chapter APT
Rider in mask endlessly following in favour PROVISO
Romeo needs help in attack RAID
Sculpture shows upper-class in mess STATUE
Stipulation PROVISO
Sweet stuff a dreamer manufactured DEMERARA
Vegetable king stuffed into nozzle SPROUT
Yoked team OXEN