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The Sun – Two Speed – April 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Bad actor (informal) HAM
Bargain store needs public permit OUTLET
Beer mug pint pot
Best advice about holding new tankard pint pot
Blame photographers in part RAP
Bowler in local game DERBY
Bullock STEER
Car accident (informal) PRANG
Combined edition OMNIBUS
Coverlet or counterpane BEDSPREAD
Crowd emptied pretty strong drink SCRUMPY
Destructive wind TORNADO
Drink, then urge for snack scotch egg
English county town DERBY
Epitomise TYPIFY
Excellent book that’s spot-on PLUMB
Fools or tricks DUPES
Good man in verse always direct STEER
It has branches in Strand we hear BEECH
Jellied garnish ASPIC
Letter to a Greek duke reshaped tale DELTA
Little brat finally causing irritation TITCHY
Mature or full-grown ADULT
Meat from Bahamas HAM
Meat juices GRAVY
Natural environment HABITAT
Neil knocked unconscious in sports move line-out
Newspaper chief EDITOR
Oval food made with sausage meat scotch egg
Perfectly straight PLUMB
Person to ask to ‘re-do it’ potentially? EDITOR
Police initially called to crash PRANG
Rent row produces storm TORNADO
Represent two Yankees, fit, out to seize power TYPIFY
Reprimand RAP
River mouth DELTA
Rough cider SCRUMPY
Rugby throw-in line-out
Satellite ORBITER
Sauce from elegist penning verse GRAVY
Savoury jelly in a small photo ASPIC
Seaman interrupts assassination at home HABITAT
Several books in one vehicle OMNIBUS
Sloth and bats are in it INERTIA
Some bighead ultimately developed ADULT
Spacecraft for leaderless tribe on the move ORBITER
Spooner says no flowers? NOSEGAY
Stillness or ennui INERTIA
Swindles penny in fees DUPES
Terrible riot with rat — he’s one! TRAITOR
The cover of night? BEDSPREAD
Turncoat TRAITOR
Vent or escape OUTLET
Very small (informal) TITCHY