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The Sun – Two Speed – April 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Ace girl arranged cool flower GLACIER
Aim with old wife to provide finance ENDOW
Autocrat DESPOT
Awaiting settlement PENDING
Birds disheartened going in storm GAGGLE
Bitter conflict STRIFE
Black cab TAXI
Bondage or thrall SERVITUDE
Cancel debt immediately we’re told write off
Cold and brisk NIPPY
Commotion DIN
Compiler’s on time __ solver reportedly unprepared IMPROMPTU
Cooking and needlework saving time STEWING
Copenhagen natives for example DANES
Daisy enters city in wind EASTERLY
Discord in street widespread STRIFE
Diver’s equipment SCUBA
Drilling is tedious BORING
Enter uninvited INTRUDE
Excise duty applies to one vehicle TAXI
Female relative AUNT
Fencing sword FOIL
Force to lubricate weapon FOIL
Geese on the ground GAGGLE
Goes without food FASTS
Good to avoid haggard kinswoman AUNT
Hairpieces TOUPEES
Hawaiian capital HONOLULU
High-speed son doesn’t eat FASTS
I’ve rudest torment in slavery SERVITUDE
Insurance loss write off
Kit for diving in small country SCUBA
Moving mass of ice GLACIER
Oh no __ crazy Scottish singer in US city HONOLULU
One turned out to trespass INTRUDE
Piano finale imminent PENDING
Provide income for ENDOW
Short poem RHYME
Situated in the Orient EASTERLY
Small rodent VOLE
Some extraordinary noise DIN
Some malevolent little animal VOLE
Speedy (informal) NIPPY
Tiresome BORING
Top secret disguises? TOUPEES
Train with old journalists EXPRESS
Tyrant and son in warehouse DESPOT
Unrehearsed IMPROMPTU
Uranium on Royal Navy vessel URN
Vase URN
Vikings and displaced English saint DANES
What she and he do in verse? RHYME
Wine indeed sent from country DEPORTED
Worrying (informal) STEWING