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The Sun – Two Speed – April 5 2019

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Clues Answers
Acceptable not bad
Advantage EDGE
Ale crates smashed causing tears LACERATES
Alphabetical list INDEX
Alpine climber has backing team sit inside IBEX
Arctic deer CARIBOU
Attacker booting out a cavalryman? RIDER
Backward blighter ruthlessly guards tower TURRET
Bad set-up produces capital BUDAPEST
Beast, motor I bought, reduced by 50% CARIBOU
Being untruthful LYING
Bite from bloodied gentleman EDGE
Coastal area RIVIERA
Cuts roughly LACERATES
Deception from wally in Government LYING
Diminish DETRACT
Earning raise, lad excited SALARIED
Equestrian RIDER
Exotic foods outlet DELI
Fairly good playing at Bond not bad
Fill again RECHARGE
Fragment SCRAP
Glacial fissure CREVASSE
Ground rent at high level? CREVASSE
Gun emplacement TURRET
Hungarian city BUDAPEST
Incredibly idle in shop DELI
Knight’s title SIR
Longs to nurse poorly Greek hero ACHILLES
Manufacturer PRODUCER
Mountain goat IBEX
Nice surroundings? RIVIERA
Operatic piece ARIA
Paid monthly SALARIED
Place is monstrosity we hear SITE
Position SITE
Recasts troublesome female performer ACTRESS
Replacement torpedo vessel SUB
Secret prisoner secured you say? CONCEALED
Small shoot TWIG
Soldiers assault to supply depleted battery RECHARGE
Some behind expensive table INDEX
Song and religious instruction in AA ARIA
Studio exec smashing up record PRODUCER
Suddenly get rug after end of carpet TWIG
Take away in time carried back DETRACT
Teacher somewhat undesirable SIR
Thespian ACTRESS
Trash argument SCRAP
Undersea boat SUB
Warrior at Troy ACHILLES