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The Sun – Two Speed – April 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Angry as overrun with vermin? RATTY
Attentive HEEDFUL
Bitter perhaps in congressional elections ALE
Brewery product ALE
British upped charge, causing complaint BEEF
Build collection BODY
Chairman Mao at last playing instrument HARMONICA
Cheese: it can form white layer ice sheet
Corpus BODY
Delicate FRAGILE
Delicate father to sicken FRAIL
Deserve MERIT
Easily damaged if lager flowing FRAGILE
Endanger sovereign ignoring anarchist leader IMPERIL
Engine conks out with experimental casing DIESEL
Escape clause LOOPHOLE
Excellence seen in consumer items MERIT
Feeble or weak FRAIL
Former whistler troubled by note ERSTWHILE
Fuel he’d set off leads to alert HEEDFUL
Game up with lack in legal oversight LOOPHOLE
Gathering coal is complicated SOCIAL
Grand Canyon river COLORADO
Grass in a garden LAWN
Gregarious SOCIAL
Home turf? LAWN
Illustrate DEPICT
Irritable (informal) RATTY
Is one mad not to be on this streetcar? TROLLEY
Meal in grill unchanging LUNCH
Midday repast LUNCH
Mike in laboratory producing meat LAMB
Mouth organ HARMONICA
Name nutty individual in plant ANEMONE
One-time or previous ERSTWHILE
Out of sorts below par
Outrageously vain English wet behind ears NAIVE
Pass over road built in US state COLORADO
Polar cover ice sheet
Put at risk IMPERIL
Rap elbow badly __ worse than expected below par
Red meat BEEF
See when one enters effortlessly EASILY
Shopping cart TROLLEY
Small toothed whale DOLPHIN
Smart (informal) NATTY
Some viewed epic talent show DEPICT
Swimmer Don grabs drunken Phil DOLPHIN
Undeviating routine RUT
Unsophisticated NAIVE
Well-dressed in congregation at Tyrone NATTY
Wheel track found in Redruth RUT
Windflower ANEMONE
Without difficulty EASILY
Young sheep LAMB