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The Sun – Two Speed – April 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Awards from damsel in distress MEDALS
Bird in sun with fish STARLING
Blind drawn CLOSED
Butcher or sniper for an inmate PRISONER
Call out suddenly EXCLAIM
Chosen people, in trouble, lectured ELECT
Cistern TANK
Crib accommodates a boss MANAGER
Deathless, timeless, not blameless IMMORAL
Dress in WEAR
Executive MANAGER
Fertile spot OASIS
Fixer, right one, old soldier RIVET
Flower seen in reversed supernovae AVON
Futuristic literature (informal) sci-fi
Genre: some commend it for itself initially sci-fi
Gregarious songbird STARLING
High fliers needing fresh raw rice AIRCREW
Instant MOMENT
Introduce new ways INNOVATE
Jacket on, repaired free REEFER
Large game fish MARLIN
Metal bolt RIVET
Military decorations MEDALS
Not open CLOSED
Nothing unchanged in desert haven OASIS
Petrol container in armed vehicle TANK
Pilots and stewards AIRCREW
Pioneer on native ground INNOVATE
Piscine rissole fish cake
Polite yet punished again? REFINED
Popular teens contrary and extreme INTENSE
Potentially ask chief for food fish cake
Recognised KNOWN
River Don? WEAR
Romeo among undesirables in struggle SCRUM
Rounds (informal) AMMO
Scrimmage SCRUM
Second in importance MOMENT
Short naval coat REEFER
Shot tipped in cardamom macchiato AMMO
Shout as one pinched by old mollusc EXCLAIM
Some pluck now needed in public KNOWN
Stratford’s river AVON
Swimmer in sea round both sides MARLIN
TV watcher VIEWER
Unscrupulous IMMORAL
Victor King devouring one sheep’s eye VIEWER
Vote into office ELECT