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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A bachelor party with chaps revealing belly ABDOMEN
Ben or John left in posh school? ELTON
Ben _ , comedian ELTON
Biblical garden EDEN
Camouflage CONCEAL
Carte du jour MENU
Clear thought shows cunning ART
Delight in RELISH
Done lately RECENT
Edible fungus TRUFFLE
Evasive person EEL
Fight in Sussex town BATTLE
Football team brought together UNITED
Freeloader SCROUNGER
Game of chance ROULETTE
German’s name WOLFGANG
Grotesque statue one in place SITUATE
Gun muffler SILENCER
Hide whenever in California CONCEAL
List of prime numbers MENU
London resident EASTENDER
Military action BATTLE
Modern, being on the money RECENT
Mozart’s animal band? WOLFGANG
Clues Answers
Mum in ship suffocates SMOTHERS
Need to relocate paradise EDEN
New surgeon accepting credit is sponge SCROUNGER
Nobleman EARL
One to suppress unwanted report on firing? SILENCER
Opinion given one way or another TENET
Park keeper RANGER
Park keeper in mountains on run RANGER
Pitfall TRAP
Principle TENET
Really enjoy condiment RELISH
Rich food source of tummy upset TRUFFLE
Skill or knack ART
Slippery character into free love EEL
Some fierce rodents lose ground? ERODE
Some hear loud British peer EARL
Son leaves belt in corner TRAP
Suffocates SMOTHERS
Surcharge or duty EXCISE
Take an oath SWEAR
Tax cut EXCISE
Vow to ignore men in suits? SWEAR
Walford man, seasick, wants nurse EASTENDER
Way round permit for casino game ROULETTE
Wear away ERODE