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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A lot of very black paint, for example? VERB
Action word VERB
African river NILE
Artist having meal wants edible root RADISH
Artist using meat from pig BACON
Arts supporter’s facility on line EASEL
Austrian composer SCHUBERT
Before noon girl finds New World AMERICA
Breakfast meat BACON
Broken person first to divulge answer RESPOND
Butchers chopped up man behind bars? SCHUBERT
Call taken by English beauty BELLE
Called into action – driven mad DERANGED
Ceaseless ETERNAL
City in Myanmar RANGOON
City managed by American thug RANGOON
Competent ABLE
Continent AMERICA
Crop-gatherer HARVESTER
Cupid EROS
Deserted by Jack and done in ABANDONED
Egyptian runner having zero energy NILE
Exclude BAR
Expert immersed in tea-blending ABLE
Film girl you might ask for date? CALENDAR
Clues Answers
Harangue TIRADE
Immortal unknown’s left outside ETERNAL
Leaf through BROWSE
Lover boy among white roses EROS
Mixing oil into French wine, one takes bow VIOLIN
Move good into Cornish town BUDGE
Nietzsche meant to hide plot SCHEME
Observe bishop’s seat SEE
One in profession gives angry speech TIRADE
Overwhelm sister after one appointment INUNDATE
Painter’s stand EASEL
Pale ale endlessly used in rice dish PAELLA
Point endlessly made in pub BAR
Pretty woman BELLE
Reaper woman keeps a Bible HARVESTER
Salad vegetable RADISH
Spanish dish PAELLA
Stringed instrument VIOLIN
Survey summit meeting points BROWSE
Systematic plan SCHEME
Timetable CALENDAR
Understand SEE