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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Aggressive delivery from Bruce on Reformation? BOUNCER
Amazing deal — it’s for nuts and bolts DETAILS
Audacious BOLD
Badger in range occasionally NAG
Beer ALE
Beginner in truck on notice to put foot down TREAD
Bitter perhaps in General Election ALE
Borders EDGES
Bright person drops kilo in box SPAR
British Rail aggravated ex-PM BLAIR
Brought back RESTORED
Canadian emblem MAPLE
Chap embraces Penny in tree MAPLE
Chap that mixed a new cocktail MANHATTAN
Confident bishop, venerable BOLD
Copyright centres rebuilt in street CRESCENT
Courage that’s needed on icy roads GRIT
Curved shape CRESCENT
Drink given with soft meat RUMP
Email blitz swamps son in sudden attack SPASM
ESP in later years keeps old in hush-hush work ESPIONAGE
Ex Labour leader BLAIR
False strokes producing boundaries EDGES
Fearsome creature MONSTER
Fighting to slice fish or chicken COWARD
Food retailer GROCER
Clues Answers
Gravel GRIT
Implement UTENSIL
In contract, orchestral player ACTOR
Insulate round the bend without a tool UTENSIL
Large snake SERPENT
Maybe indebted shop’s revitalised RESTORED
Morse cop novel one writes in bars COMPOSER
Music creator COMPOSER
New York island MANHATTAN
One in church opposing drink CHIANTI
One lacking courage COWARD
One offering bargain in basement we hear SELLER
Particulars DETAILS
Performer ACTOR
Red wine CHIANTI
Rotting corpse in plot CONSPIRE
Satanic sort, very French, about to ensnare writer SERPENT
Scold NAG
Shoot the messenger RUNNER
Shopkeeper less refined we hear GROCER
Terrifying beast men sort out MONSTER
Track athlete RUNNER
Trade punches SPAR
Twitch SPASM
Unimportant remnant RUMP