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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 13 2018

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Clues Answers

Amphibious rodent MUSKRAT
Ball game LACROSSE
Bird or jailbird pocketing a penny CAPON
Blasting compound DYNAMITE
Bloodsucker LEECH
Boulder ROCK
Breakwater protects one adventurer PIONEER
Champ, caught, fell CHEW
Clare’s so playing the game LACROSSE
Cold syrup produced in the island CYPRUS
Conspicuous creatures around lake BLATANT
Contagious illness MEASLES
Cool type in visits to Iceland STOIC
Cover as with cloth DRAPE
Deal that’s been wrapped up? PACKAGE
Denial by Edward taken down NOTED
Disease sees lamb almost destroyed MEASLES
Eternal promise of face-cream salesmen? AGELESS
Female monarch in swirling bath BERTHA
Flagrant BLATANT
Free pardon rejected — hanging seen inside! DRAPE
Gathering coal is messy SOCIAL
Gregarious SOCIAL
Heavy metal element LEAD
Heavy metal from humble admirer LEAD
Insisted on staff having day in action DEMANDED
Keyboard operator TYPIST
Lasting forever AGELESS
Local I love: Nag’s Head in regal setting REGIONAL
Mad son released — that’s senseless INANE
Masticate CHEW
Maverick REBEL
Mediterranean nation CYPRUS
Mindless INANE
Misery ends explosively in SAS SADNESS
Music from The Stones, presumably! ROCK
Observed NOTED
Poultry item CAPON
Reduce to pulp MASH
Relating to an area REGIONAL
Revolting person in Hilaire Belloc REBEL
Sam and Kurt reconditioned fur MUSKRAT
Scrounger given shelter by church LEECH
Smoke with heart-throb in bed CHEROOT
Some cream on gateau between AMONG
Sort of cigar CHEROOT
Spectacular chap turned into strange deity DYNAMITE
Surrounded by AMONG
Trailblazer PIONEER
Uncomplaining STOIC
Urgently requested DEMANDED
Woman’s name BERTHA
Wood on motorway causes crush MASH
Worker’s wonderfully tipsy time TYPIST
Wrapped consignment PACKAGE