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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
39.37 inches METRE
Agamemnon’s daughter ELECTRA
Airman destroyed harbour MARINA
Attempt to conceal bad news in overwhelming defeat WHITEWASH
Aussie bouncers! Opener in terror bats here! ROOST
Aussie canned beer that’s cheap and nasty TINNY
Away team in illegal position OFFSIDE
Be subjected to UNDERGO
Before noon girl finds New World AMERICA
Bird perch ROOST
Canine DOG
Continent AMERICA
Cost of living at university? UPKEEP
Crazy ten years we have in company? ENTOURAGE
Elite artist is complex woman? ELECTRA
European resident ITALIAN
Feel depressed: it’s hell BELOW
Female among soldiers short on training? UNFIT
Follow best friend DOG
Fruit essential when heading west SATSUMA
Function OPERATE
Glide on snow SKI
Good time girl out late with Ted LADETTE
House paint WHITEWASH
I beat Ali, taken inside restaurant ITALIAN
In Sun it shows single items UNITS
Incapable UNFIT
Initially massive tree chopped for length METRE
Lacking resonance TINNY
Maintenance cost UPKEEP
Note on Yankee funeral song ELEGY
One drug terrible to experience UNDERGO
Partying girl LADETTE
Pet butterfly? STROKE
Platoons UNITS
Playground item SEESAW
Rejected expertise about hurt body part TRACHEA
Repeat unfortunately follows old work OPERATE
Runner from Enniskillen SKI
Satan’s scar? OLDNICK
Small orange SATSUMA
Soccer offence OFFSIDE
Something for kids to observe now and then? SEESAW
Spherical map GLOBE
Spirited one very into beer ALIVE
Submerged BELOW
Sweeper in space after header from Barkley BROOM
Theatre inevitably in the round? GLOBE
Throat passage TRACHEA
Vivacious ALIVE
Yacht haven MARINA