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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic test EXAM
Ammunition BULLETS
Asian peninsula MACAU
Break in card game SNAP
Church keyboard ORGAN
Closer maybe, loves to be held by doctor DOOR
Crack SNAP
Fruit and rice shortly put in a pot APRICOT
Go berserk with anorak and jumper? KANGAROO
Grass cutter can become chesty SCYTHE
Greedy eater GLUTTON
Green, as mere lad might be? EMERALD
Hunk admits vice naughty DEVILISH
Large marsupial KANGAROO
Lightweight Don boy thrashed NOBODY
Lutheran song CHORALE
Male set explosive for slugs BULLETS
Maybe heart that’s stopped in church? ORGAN
Messenger takes time to become royal attendant COURTIER
Minor peer VISCOUNT
Monarch’s adviser COURTIER
NZ aboriginal MAORI
Obama cautious holding former Portuguese colony MACAU
Oesophagus GULLET
Paper in mass cut back EXAM
Pollsters employing a native person MAORI
Portal DOOR
Precious stone EMERALD
Prepare for burial EMBALM
Preserve MBA sitting in tree EMBALM
Reaping tool SCYTHE
Response from Wren as given out ANSWER
Roofing rock SLATE
Roofing stone is rubbish SLATE
Sacred water lily LOTUS
Sanction ENDORSE
Solution ANSWER
Spiritualist’s meeting SEANCE
Stick short rat tails on pig GLUTTON
Stringed instrument VIOLA
Student into Horace composed hymn tune CHORALE
Such a gathering as raises spirits? SEANCE
Suction broken by very posh bloke VISCOUNT
Support tip on rambling rose ENDORSE
Swallow’s path? GULLET
Tramp who borrows houses HOBO
Unimportant person NOBODY
Vagrant HOBO
Woman — one taking bow? VIOLA
Yellowish-orange shade APRICOT
Yoga pose reformed louts LOTUS