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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Advance slowly INCH
Balderdash NONSENSE
Bird losing head and part of foot INCH
Boring outside broadcast TEDIOUS
Broad knife MACHETE
Central region MIDLANDS
China importing revolutionary weapon MACHETE
Come together for Catholic service MASS
Communion MASS
Compare lighter alternative MATCH
Curved sword SCIMITAR
Delete ERASE
Demanding specialist skill TECHNICAL
Distribution of wine held in capital city NEWDELHI
Edward Lear wrote this drivel NONSENSE
Eggs some Geordies sent back ROE
Fish spawn ROE
Furniture item CABINET
He is round, incredibly well-fed NOURISHED
Hindrance OBSTACLE
Ice-cream holder CONE
Indian metropolis NEWDELHI
Male sheep RAM
Mexican entree TACO
Monotonous TEDIOUS
Motionless STATIC
Nasal cavity SINUS
Not as much in aftersales service LESS
Not uniform UNEVEN
Pancake found in catacombs TACO
Philip beginning to examine tweet PIPE
Pole in American airspace SINUS
Pound of butter RAM
Prepare for show REHEARSE
Reduced amount LESS
Remove from opera seat ERASE
Revealed EXPOSED
Rioting in La Paz in city square PLAZA
Rugged nun excited about Eve UNEVEN
Run through on car for last trip REHEARSE
Scientific detective left with broken china TECHNICAL
Shown to be vulnerable EXPOSED
Spanish market place PLAZA
Still interference on radio? STATIC
Stole cab, demolished barrier OBSTACLE
Taxi in film for politicians CABINET
Turned up hazy lights in Birmingham area MIDLANDS
Volcano peak once exploded CONE
Water conduit PIPE
Weapon breaks armistice shortly SCIMITAR