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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Accomplish ACHIEVE
Adored as no longer so lazy? BLESSED
Aerial battle DOGFIGHT
Authorise software range APPROVE
Bachelor sedated out in base used for rest BEDSTEAD
Bar entered the other way round? INGOT
Beginning OUTSET
Bug lashes out HASSLE
Bundle SHEAF
Cheat leaving firm in Greek location CRETE
Cultivated establishment finally closed TENDED
Disgrace SHAME
Farm plot up in Abercastle ACRE
Favoured BLESSED
Fencing sword EPEE
Finnish city HELSINKI
First Lady and knight are equal EVEN
Free RID
Free in Florida RID
Get expert round faulty hive ACHIEVE
Gold brick INGOT
Great delight GLEE
Highly aggressive tussle with boxers? DOGFIGHT
Humiliate husband in uniform SHAME
Land measure ACRE
Clues Answers
Level EVEN
Little island man is reptile CAYMAN
Man in silk changing foreign capital HELSINKI
Mattress frame BEDSTEAD
Mediterranean island CRETE
Noticing nothing amiss when disguised INCOGNITO
Offence committed in cell BATTERY
Officially endorse APPROVE
Paper thrown at wedding CONFETTI
Papers seen in Yangshe afterwards SHEAF
Physical attack BATTERY
Returning lecturer gives assent NOD
Rib and leg cooked for pet GERBIL
Scraps in shower after match CONFETTI
Silent approval NOD
Single entry brings joy GLEE
Small crocodilian CAYMAN
Small rodent GERBIL
Start in public place OUTSET
Struggling doctor stops mad ladette EMBATTLED
Sword softly held by three Europeans EPEE
Take our cash over time? That’s tough! ROBUST
Under attack EMBATTLED
With identity concealed INCOGNITO