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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Account for EXPLAIN
Architect Jenny? WREN
Atlantic catch COD
Beer fuels explosive ability TALENT
Big shock absorber BUMPER
Break the law OFFEND
Brown returning English artwork NUDE
Carpenter in fast food outlet CHIPPY
Cockney tramp heard instrument OBOE
Cool bit in great EP identified TEPID
Daring exploit ESCAPADE
Depression BLUES
Do another fantastic novel ONTHEROAD
Drunk friend covers artist in radiation INFRARED
East African nation UGANDA
Fish and chips one demands to start with COD
Food thickener GELATIN
Foregoing PRIOR
Friends round to make hit SLAP
Glass container JAR
In danger Jo prayed to be free JEOPARDY
In flight notice lark ESCAPADE
It’s said you look for African country UGANDA
Justify one’s inclusion in old scheme EXPLAIN
Leaving tip brings insult OFFEND
Lukewarm TEPID
Man down for permit ALLOW
Monastery boss in Capri ordained PRIOR
Music for Tories BLUES
Natural aptitude TALENT
Novel, e.g FICTION
Pint to have harsh effect JAR
Prison cell: muck one out DUNGEON
Reed player OBOE
Reject ruling? ABDICATE
Renounce throne ABDICATE
Risk or peril JEOPARDY
Sanction ALLOW
Setter for example rejected old language GELATIN
Severe or rigid STRICT
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Small songbird WREN
Spectrum part INFRARED
Stern saint brings religious instruction to court STRICT
Stone shattered in blast area ALABASTER
Subterranean prison DUNGEON
Takeaway shop CHIPPY
Travelling ONTHEROAD
Unclothed NUDE
Untruth: con with it if falsified FICTION
White gypsum ALABASTER