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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Abhorrent ODIOUS
Absurd play features Romeo brought inside FARCE
Alternative OTHER
At home Chubby nurses new baby INFANT
Attractive person CUTIE
Biblical priest ELI
Brewed beverage TEA
Bring in female to make an impression FETCH
Champion getting new bird HERON
Component ELEMENT
Continuing ONGOING
Copper to restrain good-looker CUTIE
Cruel or barbaric INHUMAN
Difficulties AGGRO
Do away with nasty boils in a hospital ABOLISH
Dressed in a suit in country TUNISIA
Find Earl Grey perhaps in Hampstead TEA
Fisherman ANGLER
Flayed having transgressed, crossing king SKINNED
Follow programme with commercial break? SHADOW
Frozen rain squall HAILSTORM
Gold perhaps in natural environment ELEMENT
Greetings to Royal Marines — violent shower? HAILSTORM
Hateful duo is nothing special ODIOUS
He gives okay to pilots ROGER
In operation RUNNING
It’s different in Rotherham OTHER
Item one put in claret when drunk ARTICLE
Magazine feature ARTICLE
Make serious effort ENDEAVOUR
Male name ROGER
Managing while on the move? RUNNING
Marsh wader HERON
Maybe Rodman left in fury ANGLER
Mitigates some disease symptoms EASES
Morse’s first name and last always stated ENDEAVOUR
North African country TUNISIA
Not initially sure about type of shark NURSE
Old priest the Spanish one ELI
One filling hollow first? DENTIST
Put an end to ABOLISH
Raucous noon gig still in progress ONGOING
Really nasty smell by area in pub INHUMAN
Relaxes EASES
Removed pelt SKINNED
Retrieve FETCH
Room at the top? ATTIC
Silhouette SHADOW
Stimulates EXCITES
Stirs up old views on the radio EXCITES
Tend to sick NURSE
Tooth doctor DENTIST
Travesty FARCE
Trouble from ragtag group AGGRO
Young child INFANT