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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 16 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Absent in certain respects? AWAY
Admired man HERO
Analgesic ASPIRIN
Bad sprain: one’s ingested painkiller ASPIRIN
Belief TENET
Blow as meal without starter cancelled UPPERCUT
Book division CHAPTER
Boxer good and new to line up ALIGN
Boxing punch UPPERCUT
Call round for drummer RINGO
Car on to be scrapped in a nutshell ACORN
Cathedral wing TRANSEPT
Climb awkwardly CLAMBER
Cooked the carp in sequence CHAPTER
Cut short CROP
Egyptian cobra ASP
European in marquee establishes principle TENET
Ferocious FIERCE
Flyer managed to enter church CRANE
Hanger-on where jumping soldiers seen? PARASITE
Have trouble getting up? CLAMBER
Hit man rented out weapon HIREDGUN
Intense fire destroyed church FIERCE
Looker upset in hideous building EYESORE
Loosen UNDO
Nine let out: that’s compassionate LENIENT
No embargo, free to supply missile BOOMERANG
Nonsense consumed is spin ROTATE
Not severe LENIENT
Oak seed ACORN
Offensive sight EYESORE
On holiday AWAY
One going it alone on devilish clues RECLUSE
Party food tin taken by baboon? CANAPE
Policeman carries right whip CROP
Protagonist in the Rockies HERO
Restrict or hinder CRAMP
Richard Starkey RINGO
Romeo in theatrical muscle pain CRAMP
Ruin some ground outside UNDO
Small appetiser CANAPE
Snake attacked Su Pollard initially ASP
Spread out irregularly SPRAWL
Straighten ALIGN
Strange patterns in church area TRANSEPT
Student bends back in urban development SPRAWL
Throwing stick BOOMERANG
Turn about axis ROTATE
Uranium on Royal Navy vessel URN
Vase URN
Wading bird CRANE
Writer is English and okay AUTHORISE