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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Admitted being deceived? TAKENIN
Advice to sinners and soldiers imprisoned REPENT
Animal, pale, then treated ELEPHANT
Announced how to heat wine and fish MULLET
Author initially taking farm transport TWAIN
Boorish Conservative: right fool CRASS
Brother outside one street restaurant BISTRO
Business associate PARTNER
Commotion in field SCENE
Concentrate FOCUS
Confront female expert FACE
Defensive player FULLBACK
Dog looks round and makes safe SECURES
European river RHONE
Fellow CHAP
Fragrance ODOUR
Frodo urgently hides aroma ODOUR
Fruit and rice shortly put in a pot APRICOT
Generous support for footballer FULLBACK
Girl crosses river in commuting arrangement CARPOOL
Grassland PRAIRIE
Heron damaged French flower RHONE
Hire charge returned for associate PARTNER
Hornet bothered sailors in Scotland? NORTHERN
In Senegal a Moravian mission ALAMO
Indelicate CRASS
Japanese fare SUSHI
Ladder put away in poor state RUNDOWN
Landscape SCENE
London’s black underground line NORTHERN
Man from Redditch apprehended CHAP
Mongolian plain GOBI
Nothing found in terribly big desert GOBI
Pachyderm ELEPHANT
Pain expert outside hospital ACHE
Plain repair one botched PRAIRIE
Prepared huss with island fish dish SUSHI
Projectile in news report BULLETIN
Saying pirate goes into empty pub PROVERB
Ship first to capsize say CUTTER
Short public statement BULLETIN
Show remorse REPENT
Silly 80s hairstyle MULLET
Single-masted vessel CUTTER
Small eatery BISTRO
Stand up to FACE
Target female officer commanding us FOCUS
Texan landmark ALAMO
Ties down SECURES
Tom Sawyer writer TWAIN
Vehicles for shared use CARPOOL
Yellowish-orange shade APRICOT