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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
1969 festival WOODSTOCK
Acorn producer oak tree
Animal disturbed gorilla (not good) eating bananas ARMADILLO
Army padre CHAPLAIN
Bird plunged in water gets up EGRET
Bone made of iron strange on reflection FEMUR
Cash box is guarded SAFE
Causing laughter COMIC
Change one’s story? EDIT
Chilled dessert MOUSSE
Church spire STEEPLE
Church with brownish-yellow room CHAMBER
Confined to bed here, not primarily making sense COHERENT
Consistent COHERENT
Damage or spoil MAR
Dependable SAFE
Dogma from European in canvas shelter TENET
Fleece that is very new ROOKIE
Flying station AIRBASE
Funny cartoon paper COMIC
God puts height into rocky peak THOR
Intelligent CLEVER
Joke puts pressure on peacekeepers PUN
Log pile found near Oxford? WOODSTOCK
Medicate DOSE
Mirror on left smashed with key REFLECT
No fellow for mixing! lone wolf
Norse deity THOR
Oddly drowsier with this amount of medicine DOSE
Old woman on run gets hurt MAR
One departure after another for Maradona? DIEGO
One who acts without others lone wolf
Patient about rotter’s dramatic fall CASCADE
Patriarch in Genesis ENOCH
Place of debate CHAMBER
Plated mammal ARMADILLO
Play on words PUN
Principle TENET
Revise text EDIT
Sawn-up teak or English source of wood? oak tree
Say Mr Powell brings one back to church ENOCH
Show less discipline in puzzle BEWILDER
Show support for military facility AIRBASE
Skeleton part FEMUR
Smart Conservative at bar CLEVER
Spanish name DIEGO
Tea taken by simple clergyman CHAPLAIN
Throw back REFLECT
Timid person carries small dish MOUSSE
Tough old bird that keeps house warm BOILER
Tower spelt wrong includes double E STEEPLE
Water heater BOILER
White heron EGRET