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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Allow some expletives LET
Anarchic as well, moving south LAWLESS
Angora fabric MOHAIR
Article is penned by male in discomfort MALAISE
Artist brought in can educate TRAIN
Automaton ROBOT
Barbie almost ruined teacher RABBI
Being a thespian is temporary ACTING
Cereal crop WHEAT
Charity event BENEFIT
City in Orange County ORLANDO
Colour very good in ocean SEPIA
Enormous or vast IMMENSE
European nations and lands for development ESTATES
Fat MP consumed by booze AMPLE
Good man with criminal image BENEFIT
Hangman’s rope NOOSE
Huge mines exploding around me IMMENSE
Idiot seen in Kansas regularly ASS
In temple he finds grain WHEAT
Incredibly faint line is childish INFANTILE
Jewish scholar RABBI
Large cars ESTATES
Leitmotiv THEME
Money saved NESTEGG
More than is sufficient AMPLE
Notices ESPIES
Obtains inside information for rise in savings NESTEGG
Old lord an eccentric in US city ORLANDO
One agreement for model IDEAL
One speaking for others SPOKESMAN
Perfect IDEAL
Permeable POROUS
Playing great as in blinder? TEARGAS
Poor in revolt: America full of holes POROUS
Reddish-brown tone SEPIA
Resolute Armada man towing ships ADAMANT
Riot control measure TEARGAS
Son nudges mum, seen by new representative SPOKESMAN
Spots food in dining room: no starter provided ESPIES
Stagecraft ACTING
Steal books for mechanical worker ROBOT
Striking effect ECLAT
Tennis call LET
The compiler’s idea THEME
The French in English court for brilliant success ECLAT
Tick on mane or animal coat MOHAIR
Trap shortly springs up: end of mouse! NOOSE
Under Scots mountain hate festers BENEATH
Uneasiness MALAISE
Unruly or rebellious LAWLESS
Unyielding ADAMANT
Very silly INFANTILE
Wild equine ASS