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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Acquire OBTAIN
Chicken part new bishop mostly cooked WISHBONE
Christian celebration EASTER
Clergyman’s title REVEREND
Command ORDER
Concentrated in past, present or future? INTENSE
Court sitting SESSION
Died in ramshackle manor lacking system RANDOM
English flower festival EASTER
English politician in tax storm TEMPEST
Estate finally claimed by sweet relative NIECE
Fantastic horn protects one animal RHINO
Financier BANKER
Fool gets new article printed twice NANA
Gear seen around loch? KILT
Get Bonita dressed OBTAIN
Haphazard RANDOM
Hotels INNS
Ideal world UTOPIA
Idiot, informally NANA
Indecent incident follows outside broadcast OBSCENE
Lag is ale nut under the influence INSULATE
Large herbivore RHINO
Legal defence ALIBI
Legal institutions in north and south INNS
List of terms in defeat man’s accepted GLOSSARY
Long fingernail used in brutal onslaught TALON
Mate with gun designed to extend AUGMENT
Music part in paper on doormat RONDO
One with renegotiated bail makes excuse ALIBI
One’s sis makes time for meeting SESSION
Piece of music with recurring theme RONDO
Protect from heat or cold INSULATE
Response from congregation in Sacramento AMEN
Ruling class ORDER
Sauce boat lifted KETCHUP
Scottish garment KILT
Setter barking in road STREET
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
So be it AMEN
Supplement AUGMENT
Sure winner Ken found drunk in pub BANKER
Thoroughfare STREET
Tomato product KETCHUP
Travelling up to A1 in perfect state UTOPIA
V-shaped chicken bone WISHBONE
Vicar always last on run REVEREND
Word list GLOSSARY