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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Admitted everything we do badly ALLOWED
Almost growing cereal fruit RAISIN
Asian republic SYRIA
Authorised ALLOWED
Barrier WALL
Being bland is slightly offensive TASTELESS
Below summit dash up for drink brown ale
Cheese on toast RAREBIT
Concede match AGREE
Concur AGREE
Cooking fat LARD
Dairy smallholding takes back some land SYRIA
Dark beer brown ale
Disdainful look SNEER
Dried grape RAISIN
Fat boy’s right to tuck in LARD
Finance ministry TREASURY
Garment for Oberon’s part ROBE
Give speech from south summit SPEAK
Government department relocated at Surrey TREASURY
Hero, initially denied, scrambled eggs ROE
Huge body placed on vessel SATURN
I take wheel __ it’s east onto A40 AXLE
Ill-defined region grey area
In a sense cricket team’s uneasy ANXIOUS
Interfere MEDDLE
Lacking flavour TASTELESS
Left info about one chap, being careless NEGLIGENT
Lightly cooked part in Welsh dish RAREBIT
Primate APE
Primate from Alaska Peninsula APE
Property ESTATE
Prophet pens new and hostile remark SNEER
Ray eager to resolve doubtful situation grey area
Rift with folk crashing robust vehicle FORKLIFT
Rises awkwardly, given time to put up fight RESIST
Rotating rod AXLE
Sailor’s song SHANTY
Say something SPEAK
Sea song shall not take year SHANTY
Sixth planet SATURN
Small deer ROE
Small onion SHALLOT
Some banks go to this Manhattan street WALL
Tamper with gong __ that’s audible! MEDDLE
Vegetable: try eating every bit SHALLOT
Warehouse truck FORKLIFT
What’s left? ESTATE
Withstand RESIST