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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 22 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Animal seen in mist again STAG
Atomic device right at core unstable REACTOR
Box adding weight to vehicle CARTON
Caped Crusader BATMAN
Cardboard container CARTON
Cheat new Oxbridge lecturer DON
Church official VERGER
Churchman on the brink? VERGER
Clarinet for one used in core education REED
Clever person hit on head BRAIN
Creature one will see later? ALLIGATOR
Crew works to get in position MANOEUVRE
Cruel but popular chap in the shade INHUMANE
Elm or oak TREE
Family diagram in centre explained TREE
Famous mammoth GREAT
Flabbergast ASTOUND
Focused INTENT
Garden plot BED
Ill-defined region GREYAREA
Intellectual capacity BRAIN
Jock ruined the tale ATHLETE
Male deer STAG
Mama Mia band ABBA
Nobleman to cut some ice COUNT
Nothing bad detailed? NAUGHT
Nuclear power plant REACTOR
Number COUNT
Obliterate ERASE
One feeling for six-footers? ANTENNA
One on foot in Brigflatts and Allithwaite SANDAL
Open-toed shoe SANDAL
Politician cut cord with team DEMOCRAT
Popular old wine is concentrated INTENT
Ray eager to resolve doubtful situation GREYAREA
Repeatedly hit: bet trade collapses BATTERED
Sleep here with king or queen? BED
Slip into DON
Sportsperson ATHLETE
Stagger to us, and drunkenly ASTOUND
Struck many times BATTERED
Superhero in club with servant BATMAN
Swamp crocodilian ALLIGATOR
Swedish group going east or west ABBA
US party member DEMOCRAT
Very large GREAT
Wipe slate clean in takeover as expected ERASE
Woodwind instrument REED