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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Admiration RESPECT
Admire a fantastic cake? MADEIRA
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Carry out EXECUTE
Closed down, broken by new crash SHUNT
Coat to take to the cleaners FLEECE
Custodian STEWARD
Emphasis ACCENT
Express contempt SNORT
Extremely divine coming in most humble MODEST
Food and wine one leaves in distant lands far east
Foot digit TOE
Fortified dessert wine MADEIRA
Foundation BASIS
Girl one to cut boy in fencing? EVASION
Hair treatment from Barber in Seville RINSE
Head cook touring India CHIEF
Homeric epic ILIAD
In the air ALOFT
Initially explosive start around F1 at first
Interesting snippets TITBITS
Lightly wash RINSE
Little one nailed low down? TOE
Man’s back __ time for little drink SNORT
Money on account is highlight ACCENT
Move aside SHUNT
Moving staircase ESCALATOR
Non-stop flight? ESCALATOR
Old story in Swahili adapted ILIAD
One slices into fish heart BASIS
One using money SPENDER
Party given by cape medic DOC
Passageway AISLE
Path is drenched in beer AISLE
Peal of thunder restricts flying ALOFT
Poet abusing red pens SPENDER
Prevarication EVASION
Principal CHIEF
Restrains TETHERS
Sheepskin FLEECE
Social position STATUS
Somerset runner, attractive, to perform EXECUTE
Standing immediately by us STATUS
Tasty morsels: birds eating piece TITBITS
The Orient far east
Ties the rest in knots TETHERS
To start with at first
Try account in article for sadness HEARTACHE
Two-headed teacher is beast LLAMA
Unassuming MODEST
Voltaire spectre offers good opinion RESPECT
We sat about on road for attendant STEWARD
Wood from shore area we hear BEECH