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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 23 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Audacious in drag when dancing DARING
Bedroom bureau DRESSER
Bitter and cold during botched raid ACRID
Brainless creature Obama replaced absorbs energy AMOEBA
British monarch keeps painting in cashless deal BARTER
Buzz from live lines BELL
Charlie making noise in storage area CLOUD
Conformity shown by soldiers during a salute AGREEMENT
Cur battling with priest in sacred writings SCRIPTURE
Custodian STEWARD
Dave’s outside in coach for deal TRADEIN
Dessert accompaniment CUSTARD
Disorder in communal dining room MESS
End point where phone not working DEADLINE
Examine register READ
Fantastic score of course! EAGLE
Female offspring DAUGHTER
Good in Arab state: move abroad EMIGRATE
Guard the misbehaving child DAUGHTER
In Netherlands notice American tennis star NADAL
Initially gregarious parrot gives yawn GAPE
Interpret READ
Intrepid DARING
Landscape TERRAIN
Leave one’s country EMIGRATE
Metal-bearing mineral ORE
Negotiate swap BARTER
Obscure CLOUD
Official waste strewn by road STEWARD
One helping actors for a change? DRESSER
Organise ARRANGE
Ovum EGG
Part-exchange TRADEIN
Party held up in gallery until now TODATE
Penetrating wound seen in A&E ACUTE
Protect rail employee GUARD
Pungent ACRID
Raw rock from Who repeated ORE
Security worker GUARD
Settle a musical score? ARRANGE
Severe ACUTE
Shambles MESS
Single-celled animal AMOEBA
Small turtle avoiding soft ground TERRAIN
Something chewed includes celebrity sauce CUSTARD
Stare in wonder GAPE
Supreme soul beat reproduced ABSOLUTE
Telephone call BELL
Thus far TODATE
Time limit DEADLINE
US symbol EAGLE
Very early bird? EGG
Wimbledon winner Rafa NADAL