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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A loathsome person to Bill TOAD
Amphibian TOAD
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Batter often aims for declaration MANIFESTO
Binder that may be red? TAPE
Cairo man prepared something to eat MACARONI
Cassette TAPE
Ceremony RITE
Cheap wine son puts down PLONKS
Current king in Hamlet production THERMAL
Drops heavily PLONKS
Emus are let loose in music bar MEASURE
Encounter MEET
Entertainer’s reckless act with boar ACROBAT
Female loses her head in the country OMAN
Film daredevil STUNTMAN
Floor covering LINOLEUM
Friend about to drink from dish LAP
Given the sack? PILLAGED
High room that ticks boxes ATTIC
Most convenient eastern development NEAREST
Oklahoman city TULSA
One creature of habit! NUN
One falling for star actor STUNTMAN
One man coming in punctually on time
Only playing on new material NYLON
Paid to endorse reaction after interview FEEDBACK
Party promises MANIFESTO
Passionate EMOTIONAL
Pasta tubes MACARONI
Plundered PILLAGED
Prompt on time
Proverb from Armada gentlemen ADAGE
Racehorse? ARAB
Racing circuit LAP
Relating to heat THERMAL
Religious woman NUN
Religious words just audible RITE
Saudi native ARAB
Say beef or pork’s to satisfy MEET
Schmaltzy book about student on island EMOTIONAL
Sheet material lion and mule destroyed LINOLEUM
Sheets etc bed linen
Synthetic fabric NYLON
This in part will get blanket coverage bed linen
Time left in America for oil centre TULSA