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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Actuality FACT
Adversary OPPONENT
Allure TEMPT
Andalusian city CORDOBA
Bear to stop by Yorkshire river ENDURE
Branch installing new vault SPRING
Cab door bent in Spanish province CORDOBA
Cake is miracle prepared without topping ECLAIR
Capital punishment? FINE
Claude Monet’s devil DEMON
Cracking code with spirit shows good form DECORUM
Cut gemstone surface FACET
Digger beginning to smash crude home SHOVEL
Entourage RETINUE
Experiencing regret RUING
Expert smothers company junior in praise ACCOLADE
Extra-terrestrial ALIEN
Feature a church in financial paper FACET
Filled pastry ECLAIR
Financial penalty FINE
Finger protector THIMBLE
Footwear in trunk BOOT
Gielgud as himself shows style DASH
Gin served with vermouth MARTINI
Girl some cleric apprehended ERICA
Heather genus ERICA
I do it badly being a fool IDIOT
Important person BIGWHEEL
Invite agency worker got at last TEMPT
Less noble protagonist ANTIHERO
Limb damaged in the sewer cover? THIMBLE
Maybe Flashman broadcast on the air ANTIHERO
Menaces troubled the star THREATS
Pop amended one Bible book for rival OPPONENT
Pork pie eaten by an immigrant ALIEN
Relative close to bridge in French city NIECE
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Simpleton IDIOT
Somebody seen at the fairground BIGWHEEL
Spade-like tool SHOVEL
Special honour ACCOLADE
Staff regret holding European money RETINUE
Staggering range of French bomb GRENADE
Statistic shows calories initially found in lard FACT
Swallow iodine in drink MARTINI
Thrown weapon GRENADE
Warmer season SPRING
Watch old boy start tennis game? OBSERVE
Wellington BOOT
With remorse, bankrupt government RUING
Withstand ENDURE