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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Alcoholic beverage ALE
Always seen in Monteverde EVER
Asian flower perhaps has repute EUPHRATES
Asian river EUPHRATES
At any time EVER
Beer from Wales ALE
Boat smashed around river — scrap mission? ABORT
Carer she involved in fact-finding RESEARCH
Characters within decide against proposal IDEA
City in Kansas daughter avoided DODGED
Copper to start tasty prune CUT
Creature ANIMAL
Cute and rare wild animal CREATURE
Darwin revised good artwork DRAWING
Deal with it badly, being dogged TAILED
Design and build ENGINEER
Eccentric ODDBALL
Explosive mania shown by large beast ANIMAL
Followed TAILED
Gear projection TOOTH
Heathen silver found in pot PAGAN
Horrified AGHAST
Just think: I resolved enigma! IMAGINE
Large monkey BABOON
Last to be first in this test? ENDURANCE
Liberal in leather potentially sane all there
Living being CREATURE
Mentally sound all there
Notion IDEA
Occasional delivery that’s eccentric ODDBALL
Odd couple from Eire chasing motor mechanic ENGINEER
On time to help erring actor? PROMPT
One biting into others partly TOOTH
Outlaw about to shout down primate BABOON
Polytheist PAGAN
Potato SPUD
Preliminary contest HEAT
Punctual PROMPT
Put back REPLACE
Refrain from church when finally contrite CEASE
Salesperson with material to substitute REPLACE
Scientific investigation RESEARCH
Scrub or cancel ABORT
Share CUT
Shocked at gash that looks nasty AGHAST
Starchy tuber small and sweet SPUD
Visualise IMAGINE
Warm through hearts and dine HEAT