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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Accident CHANCE
Aural pain EARACHE
Broken Easter egg put aside SEGREGATE
Causing mirth COMIC
Cheese that should be gorgeous? CHEDDAR
Cheese type CHEDDAR
Clever comeback RIPOSTE
Condition STATE
Crazy old woman died MAD
Deny crowd on Tyneside? NEGATE
Different churches seizing an opportunity CHANCE
Disrespectful INSOLENT
Driving or reversing a lot in Police Squad? DYNAMIC
Energetic DYNAMIC
Fashionable pop star shows refinement CULTURE
Fastener STUD
Fish brought into pubĀ  time to be rude INSOLENT
Footwear in trunk BOOT
Girl left idiot LASS
Group’s customs CULTURE
Halpern’s working for change SHRAPNEL
Have a little drink? SIP
Insane MAD
Intended inscribes name in heart MEANT
Listener’s smart, seeing artist in every note EARACHE
Long-handled spoon LADLE
Makes pure energy for families to absorb CLEANS
Maybe ropiest answer! RIPOSTE
National Express STATE
Not embellished UNADORNED
Nullify or disprove NEGATE
One (Parisian) loved touring northern plain UNADORNED
Panorama VISTA
Particular form VERSION
Performer close to tears dropped by Universal COMIC
Rank ratings given by old music-maker ABSOLUTE
Removes dirt CLEANS
Shell fragments SHRAPNEL
Ship’s company CREW
Signified MEANT
Some free lectures for chosen people ELECT
Taste or sample SIP
Team gave shrill cry CREW
The Big Dipper? LADLE
Through crossing street gets view VISTA
Very silly senior account VERSION
Virile man’s time in French south STUD
Vote in ELECT
Way to enter South African frontier BORDER
Wellington BOOT
What strains moon explorer joining firm COLANDER
Young woman LASS