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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Accolade AWARD
Amplify BOOST
An outside line to ring? TANGENT
Bill accepts armed conflict prize AWARD
Blended beverage SMOOTHIE
Blue as steak from bar area RARE
Brainbox with cracking ideas? EGGHEAD
Championship TITLE
Children in argument ISSUE
Competent ABLE
Completely different line of thought TANGENT
Devise draw up
Digress DEPART
Edible root PARSNIP
Exceptional RARE
Excessive urgency HASTE
Fight hand-to-hand GRAPPLE
Fish as tench holds speed HASTE
Fixes blame on climbing plant PARSNIP
Foot treatment PEDICURE
Grand duke catching pike had quick look GLANCED
Grotto CAVE
Herb in no-go area almost lost OREGANO
In Subotica, very deep chamber CAVE
Indian coin RUPEE
Leave extremely disagreeable role DEPART
Levy one penny in some confusion IMPOSE
Look now round GB for archery equipment? LONGBOW
Make-believe PRETEND
Maybe rib second-class individual BONE
Medieval weapon LONGBOW
Mission in Kohala Mountains ALAMO
Money from gym in Parisian street RUPEE
Moody Crosby cross inside BROODING
Moose hit in crash? That’s the drink! SMOOTHIE
Musical note CROTCHET
Note woollen creation swathing toddler’s head CROTCHET
Obtrude IMPOSE
One cracks three nuts each EITHER
One of two things EITHER
Pressure on nurse to fake it PRETEND
Price due to change for cosmetic treatment PEDICURE
Put out ISSUE
Quickly looked GLANCED
Seaman can be this clever ABLE
Skeleton part BONE
Songbird the French name TITLE
Sovereign RULER
Stop draft draw up
Struggle with Greek fruit GRAPPLE
Texan battle site ALAMO
The measure of a leader? RULER
Voice disapproval with saint giving help BOOST
Wild marjoram OREGANO