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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 27 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
5 is it? Or one that’s a guest? VISITOR
Alex Higgins perhaps raunchier when soused HURRICANE
All but one in side fit and sound? TENABLE
Arrest CATCH
Artistic category GENRE
Bear to admit defeat YIELD
Bird is power fanatic PLOVER
Christian messenger APOSTLE
Clan enraged about a waterway CANAL
Component ELEMENT
Credible TENABLE
Deadly snake in seas perhaps ASP
Display of temper TANTRUM
Egyptian cobra ASP
Eight-sided shape OCTAGON
Fail to care for NEGLECT
Feline caught with hotel fish CATCH
Figure given in month before November OCTAGON
Group in most natural surroundings ELEMENT
Ignore Charlie, gentle drunk outside NEGLECT
Impertinent perhaps about small son SASSY
Impudent SASSY
Jacket father fastened round chest PARKA
Jewish teacher RABBI
Leading lady, looking embarrassed, sinned ERRED
Literary style shown in Green Bananas GENRE
Magnifying tube TELESCOPE
Make contribution to party? CATER
Make provision (for) CATER
Manx bunny for synagogue man? RABBI
Might one’s estate be built on this? CHASSIS
Mod apparel PARKA
Narrow sea channel STRAIT
One causing disruption in the works? SPANNER
Ordinary or usual COMMON
Parsley portion SPRIG
Preacher a good man in bar APOSTLE
Produce pork pies? LIE
Public land nothing special COMMON
Ready-made home PREFAB
Rep rebuilt amazing house PREFAB
Shoot southern prude SPRIG
Spirit delivers one from pain and hunger PANACHE
Strayed ERRED
Surrender YIELD
Suspect let cop see instrument TELESCOPE
Truant battered Mike in rage TANTRUM
Untruth LIE
Vehicular base frame CHASSIS
Venetian channel CANAL
Violent storm HURRICANE
Wading bird PLOVER
Waterway having no bends we hear STRAIT