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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A looser version of antiperspirant AEROSOL
Abrupt and unfriendly in Battersea TERSE
Additional EXTRA
Amour first caught in passion covered spot ALCOVE
Campanile BELFRY
Close friend breaking large toe alter ego
Concise TERSE
Counter blow BUFFET
Cry about student being boor SLOB
Cry of approval BRAVO
Dicky lent us one kitchen implement UTENSIL
Eden attire fig leaf
Encouraging word from Charlie’s predecessor BRAVO
Expect Penny to start again PRESUME
Explanation given in Sheen GLOSS
Filbert or cob HAZELNUT
First gear? fig leaf
Get at aid corruptly in troubled state AGITATED
Gumption NOUS
Household tool UTENSIL
Hunt with zeal shakes fruit from tree HAZELNUT
Infatuated SMITTEN
Join up shredded tinsel ENLIST
Lazy, untidy person SLOB
Long time before noon YEARN
Loveless pair confused by silly talk TWADDLE
Lustre GLOSS
Male deer STAG
Man’s man is to settle with hesitation ISLANDER
Monkey one for breaded prawns SCAMPI
More than usually wide? EXTRA
No American has common sense NOUS
Once more AGAIN
Pavement edge KERB
Put in order NEATEN
Recruit ENLIST
Roadside in stockbroker belt KERB
Samoan, eg ISLANDER
Secondary personality alter ego
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Snack bar BUFFET
Some hostages one does associate with STAG
Spirit runs in by church tower BELFRY
Spray can AEROSOL
Stove cool for second time AGAIN
Struck with small glove SMITTEN
Tidy number consumed NEATEN
Wall recess ALCOVE
Worked up AGITATED