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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 28 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
American TV agenda generating profit ADVANTAGE
Article about American spies in plant ACACIA
Baudelaire’s song AIR
Booze knocked back in Majestic REGAL
Brazen skill shown around organ-playing ARROGANT
Brown cane sugar DEMERARA
Burnt residue ASH
Celebrity in The Sun STAR
Club accountant TREASURER
Coats of arms system HERALDRY
Crafty video edited by American DEVIOUS
Cunning and deceitful DEVIOUS
Determination GRIT
Drinking consequence HANGOVER
Egotistical one in vehicle VAIN
First to defeat brilliant swimmer DACE
Flag bike down at last with gesture ENSIGN
Flexible ELASTIC
Flowering shrub ACACIA
Fool trapping rook shows fortitude GRIT
Futile VAIN
Gallon swallowed in German city and its result HANGOVER
Grand Aintree race NATIONAL
Harry led astray in armorial research HERALDRY
In mature age Romeo is keen EAGER
Less experienced novelist: right GREENER
Liza Minnelli movie CABARET
Luminary STAR
Melody AIR
More eco-friendly GREENER
Mucker has some lunch in Arundel CHINA
Naval rank ENSIGN
Nonsense from those making footwear COBBLERS
Porcelain CHINA
Rearrest criminal holding posh official TREASURER
River mammal OTTER
Rock and roll dance REEL
Self-important ARROGANT
Shoemakers COBBLERS
Show Spartan having whip round CABARET
Some idiot terrified a swimmer OTTER
State-owned newspaper NATIONAL
Sweetener made rare when processed DEMERARA
Tennis point ADVANTAGE
This spewed out when hot? ASH
Unstable castle collapses around one ELASTIC
Upset caused in vicious tirade STIR
Use teaspoon STIR
Whirl about REEL
Zealous EAGER