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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Across-the-board BLANKET
Apes in epic so misrepresented COPIES
Autocrat DESPOT
Believe this is good exam grade CREDIT
Bend seen in larches ARC
Bishop later failed in physical training PRELATE
Buddhist fate KARMA
Chuck up? LOB
Church dignitary PRELATE
Collar part LAPEL
Comprehensive cover? BLANKET
Container for drink: mother’s ruin? THERMOS
Current demand for applause ACCLAIM
Currently TODAY
Curve ARC
Cut volume in NHS provision? CARVE
Dad upset with friend in dismay APPAL
Dictator succeeded in warehouse DESPOT
Domain REALM
Drive-through cleanser car wash
Duplicates COPIES
Genuine Frenchman in kingdom REALM
Horrify APPAL
In cathedral say lines recited ELEGY
Keyboard instrument PIANO
Landscape glimpsed we hear SCENE
Large flatfish HALIBUT
Lookout platform crow’s nest
Make matters worse? One left out cash! CAPITAL
More relaxed-sounding destiny KARMA
Narrative song BALLAD
Nordic country ICELAND
One candle deployed in cool place? ICELAND
One should drive clean away from it car wash
Plaintive poem ELEGY
Public spectacle SCENE
Quiet Scotsman in river PIANO
Rearranging tie or meet: depression’s cause? METEORITE
Recognition CREDIT
Rock from space METEORITE
Romeo taking step back run over again RECAP
Sappers said to go free RELIEVE
Screws not tight where sailor perches crow’s nest
Sculpt CARVE
Seeds eaten by parrot satisfy APPEASE
Some flap elevated on jacket? LAPEL
Summary RECAP
Swimmer and boxer born in shack HALIBUT
Tennis shot LOB
Tune everyone’s critical about BALLAD
US lawyer appearing in play now TODAY
Vacuum flask THERMOS